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Stages Of (Not) Going Out In Malta When You’re In Your Late 20s

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We’ve all been there, like every single weekend. You kinda want to go out, your friends kinda want to go out. But literally nobody actually wants to go out. And so you do that little dance.

1. “Hey, you’re up to anything tonight?”

2. “Not sure. Is anything happening?”

3. “Don’t know. I think there’s Friends Of Perpendicular Salon.”

4. “Ah yes, shall we go?”

5. “I don’t know. You feel like?”

6. “I could ta. Let’s see what the others are doing.”

*30 minutes later*

7. “Don’t think anyone’s really up for it.”

8. “Shall we go anyway?”

9. “Yes, just let me see with Sarah and Bettina…”

*30 minutes later*

10. “Ejja, we go?”

11. “Yes ta. Just going to have a quick nap because I spent all day at Pama.”

12. “It’s late now ta. We do something tomorrow?”

13. “Aħjar.”


BONUS: “I ended up going out ta. Never again.”

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