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Stages Of Trying To Plan A Small Wedding In Malta

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We’ve heard it all before from countless sincerely-intentioned friends hoping to spend their special day in the company of not too many, say a hundred, of their closest friends. A year later you get an invitation to a reception at Villa Arrigo and seven hundred of your friends are also going. 

Here’s where it all went wrong.

1. You promise each other you won’t compromise on your vision

Nothing, not even the wrath of an overbearing kunjata, will break you down.

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2. You break it to your parents

And they act like you just told them you spent four months dealing heroin, naked. 

“Imma għalfejn jaħasra?!”

Tumblr Ms4Ijups7S1Qcrfp8O1 500 1

3. Then you tell them you’re doing it biċ-ċivil

And that shit is just too much for them…

“Lanqas mejta! Mur ara x’ħa jgħidu ta’ ħdejna!”

Angry Gif

3. The calmer parent reminds you about your Nannu‘s waning health

And ensures you that your godless union will be the death of him.

“X’ħa tagħmillu n-Nannu miskin. Dak ma jiflaħx ta’!”

Screen Shot 2017 03 05 At 11 32 07

4. One of you cracks and gives in to the church bit…

…no one wants to kill their Nannu

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5. Your parents insist on all the cousins

Including cousin Ċetta who’s 40 with bad breath and a penchant for groomsmen.

Screen Shot 2017 03 05 At 11 44 58

6. You decide to budget on friends instead

And then you leave your house and run into every single person you were planning on omitting.

“Kemm ili ma narak! What’s new with you?!”


7. Remember when you just wanted a band to play your favourite songs and that’s it?

Say hello to a string quartet for the church, cellist to welcome the guests, band for the reception, and two-hours DJ set for an after-party you never wanted.

Screen Shot 2017 03 05 At 11 58 34

8. You stand your ground on location

You’ve triumphed over everyone, your mum, your nanna, even Aunt Doris – who clearly knows way more about what you want than you do. 

And then your venue people pull out.

“Jiddispjaċini ħi”

Tumblr N6Tbvtqv Ny1Qg9Ai1O1 500

9. You succumb to Villa Arrigo

And agree it’s probably a better place to hold so many people…

Tumblr Nskx3Qgd Nd1Qcl50Bo1 400

Have you tried and failed to have an intimate wedding? Tell us about it in the comments!

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