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Summer 2018 Setlist: 12 Hot Maltese Tracks You Might’ve Missed

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Soaring temperatures and long days spent at the beach are a big part of Maltese summers, but along with the sights, smells and sunburns, we also have a hell of a lot of sounds.

With this being a very busy time for local musicians from all over Malta’s varying scenes, here are 12 summer releases you might’ve missed but definitely shouldn’t sleep on any longer.

Get those Bluetooth speakers fully charged for that beach day.

1. Matthew James: Lemonade

From Red Electrick frontman to solo singer-songwriter, Matthew James continues to treat the island to some of the catchiest tunes of the year.

Lemonade is definitely not an exception, coming in with a chorus as fresh and summery as they get.

2. Il-Lapes feat. Nadine: Mela Tlaqna!!

Half Marmalja and fully unapologetic, il-Lapes returns to give local rappers a run for their money and a proper lesson in spitting verses.

Lightning quick and laser-focused verses dominate this four-minute track, featuring references to everything from Ira Losco’s boobs to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s car. We warned you.

3. The Busker: Surfin’ Up

Retro video games meet a boat by Malta’s shores, Ta’ Qali, underwater exploration and Buskett. Oh, and a cheeky Algida cameo. In other words, quite literally a little bit of everything that makes Malta’s summers what they are.

And that’s without mentioning the summery vibes delivered at a knee-jerking pace all throughout this quick and catchy number that’s already dominating local airwaves.

4. The Velts: Rollercoaster

Perfect fodder for any pumping underground gig, The Velts have already tried and tested Rollercoaster with the alternative scene before, and boy does it work.

Now boasting its own music video that’s very reminiscent of 00s alt Britrock, the lads’ Rollercoaster is ready to let even more people on board.

5. Luke Chappell: Young Dumb Things

Summer 2018 kicked off with a previously unknown, 15-year-old Maltese teenager blowing us away with his honest, melancholic and ethereal tracks.

In just one day, Luke Chappell got over 2,000 views on his channel, and with a talent like his, it’s really no wonder. His album Cosmic Heaven has been teased with two tracks, and Young Dumb Things is one disarming track you didn’t know you’re going to love and have as the soundtrack to your slow summer nights.

6. Bark Bark Disco: Big Love

Another early summer release, Big Love is a track by a band you really can’t afford to sleep on anymore.

With a video as beautifully executed as the intimate song that quickly finds itself deep under your skin, Big Love will instantly break your heart and mend it back again with a soft and bubbly kiss.

7. The Travellers: Tpenġijiet

At this point, everything The Travellers release turns into radio gold, and Tpenġijiet is no exception.

By the time the colder season approaches and we’re all huddled round the Christmas Tree wishing we could organise a cheeky BBQ with a crate of ice cold beer, this will definitely be one of the tracks many will look back on with nostalgic puppy eyes.

And the super retro home video from every 70s Maltese family’s picnic that accompanies the blaring trumpets sure helps intensify all of that.

8. Eddie Fresco: Disrespect

Hip hop is one of the most relevant and influential genres in the world right now, and that’s meant it (naturally and thankfully) going through some big and important changes.

Representing one of the newest – and grooviest – offshoots is 215 Collective, a local hip hop trio that’s been making some serious waves for the last year.

With a video straight from Amsterdam that’s literally lit and in remembrance of XXXTentacion (as big a name as they get when it comes to cloud rap), 215’s Eddie Fresco is back for a track that has all the bass.

9. Kapitlu Tlettax: Battibekk 2

If you’re more of an old school hip hop fan, you can always bank on the guys over at Kapitlu Tlettax to deliver cheeky one-liners, colourful costumes and no-holds-barred lyrics

Straight from the heyday of rap battles, this second chapter has ample fart and shirt references and rude fat beats that will have the OGs looping it for the rest of the season.

Also includes a BMW doing donuts into a Maltese sunset for that little bit of extra summer feeling.

10. The New Victorians: Lie Liar

It might’ve been released back in April, but part two of this female pop duo’s three-parter is still a very important (and welcomed) member of most local radio shows’ daily rotations.

A catchy, energetic chorus that will easily see you through the last month of summer with the same panache you had all the way back in early June, Lie Liar is perfect for those summer nights of pre-drinking with your best friends.

11. Fuzzhoneys: Cream

If there’s one thing you can bank on Fuzzhoneys for delivering track in, track out, it’s a distorted guitar riff, a pumping drumming backdrop, a verse that’s sung as energetically as humanely possible, and a chorus that’s so catchy, it feels like you’ve already heard it a thousand times before.

So for their summer 2018 offering, you just know the noisy femme duo had to come back and give you what you’ve all been gagging for… along with a collaboration with celebrated local photographer Stephanie Galea. Fuzz on ladies.

12. Red Electrick: G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S

Last but not least, if you want fresh, Red Electrick’s latest offering was literally released today.

Give it a couple of days, though, and you’ll be hearing G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S everywhere. It might be tough to type out, but it sure is easy to sing along to, and we’re willing to bet a lot of people will be doing that very soon.

With nationwide popularity and a recent reshuffle in their five-piece lineup, Red Electrick look to continue what they started with their “new debut” Right Here.

Part classic Red Electrick hip-swinging, part Joe Roscoe acoustic goodness, this new track takes everything you already loved about the band, throws it squarely in the middle of a sandy beach, and adds a colourful umbrella for good measure.

Tag someone who needs to update their playlist with some summery, Maltese goodness!

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