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SURVEY: What’s The Shittiest Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received?

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Buying Christmas gifts which you’re sure the receiver will love is somewhat of an art. Having said that, most of us manage to pull off nearly every gift on an annual basis. The ones which aren’t as successful, however, end up making it to the history books.

We’ve all been there before; receiving gifts which just don’t resonate with you on any level, ones which make you struggle to fathom why anyone would ever think of giving you something like that. Or when you would’ve actually loved the gift… were it not the second time someone gave you the same identical one. 

There’s normally not much you can do in a situation like that, and most of us are normally left trying to muster up a “Thanks so much!”, flashing a forced smile in the process.

Everyone has a horrible Christmas gift story (hopefully just the one), and we’re asking you to tell us yours!

What’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received, and how did you manage to deal with the awkward situation? 

Well, just fill in this very quick survey, and let’s see which unlucky Maltese citizen has the absolute worst story!

Tag someone who you’re sure has received a shitty Christmas gift before!

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