12 Things Every Maltese Brand Should Know When Setting Up Their Social Media

Do your consumers like what they see?

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A recent study of Maltese consumers by digital marketing agency ICON (in collaboration with the University of Malta) has revealed some interesting facts about the way the social media influences the local market. Here are a few interesting points we found while reading the full report (which can be found in its entirety here).

1. Users trust content from friends and family way more than that on a brand's page

 So it's important for content to be clear and relevant, but most importantly shareable!

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2. More than half of the respondents said they are more likely to purchase products from brands they follow on social media

Time to rack up those likes and followers! 

This may be an indication of confirmation bias, which tends to favour the recall of information from one’s existing belief and information ecosystem.

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3. The under-21s prefer Instagram and Snapchat over other social media platforms

Faster paced and all about the aesthetic - sounds about right.


4. But Facebook still dominates the social-media scene locally with 89% of Maltese people having an account

No surprises there!


5. The only people who use Google+ regularly are over 60

Keeping the lights on at the Google offices, thanks na!

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6. 99% of Maltese consumers access social media daily

The virtual world is where it's at you guys.

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7. And under-30s use it for 2-4 hours a day!

Lost to the world or more connected than ever before? You know where we stand on that issue!

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8. 87% of consumers look for a website, not just a social media page

Although the number is increasing, it's not enough to have just an active social media page.


9. Maltese women are 10% more likely to praise a brand than men

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10. But in general Maltese consumers are more likely to speak positively about brands online

Are you listening, RUBS?


11. 67% of consumers will check a brand's social media pages before making a purchase

Respondents feel that social media is most useful because it gives them additional access to information of other products and services.

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12. Facebook ads inviting us to like pages or learn about discounts are the Maltese's favourites

We're all about a good bargain.

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What do you look for on a brand's social media page? Tell us in the comments, and of course follow us on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram!

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