15 Places Pokémon Would Be Hidden Around Malta (If Pokémon GO Worked Properly)

Aqbadhom, bro!

Garydos Gozo

Poke-nerds rejoice, the new Pokémon GO game is now officially out in Malta.

But despite high hopes for the new release, many local habitat choices for Pokémon have left a lot to be desired. In an attempt to rectify this, here are Lovin Malta's 15 recommendations for Niantic, Inc. to up their game in Malta.

1. Snorlax – Your local Pastizzeria


Be it Champs, Serkin, Maxims, Sphinx, or even at Porky’s in Ħamrun, Snorlax might be difficult to spot amongst the sea of other ‘Snorlaxes’ that frequent these shops and any Maltese bar.

2. Diglett & Dugtrio – Kappara Junction

Diglett And Dugtrio

With works at the Kappara Junction expected to last well over 16 months, Digletts and Dugtrios will be very abundant in this road – alternatively, Maltese Trainers might wish to stop at any pothole-ridden street in Malta.

3. Jynx – AXM Club 

Jynx Edit

With its long flowing blonde hair, plump pink lips, and tight fitting red and gold dress, Jynx would be hard pressed to find a better hiding spot than at AXM Club in Paceville.

4. Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan - Cynergi

Hitmonchan And Hitmonlee

These two fighting Pokémon will easily blend in with the hordes of gym rats pumping iron and working on their glutes at Cynergi.

5. Weezing & Koffing – Marsa Bypass

Weezing And Koffing

Smoggy air, vehicle exhaust, shipyard fumes… where else would you expect to find these two Poison type Pokémon in Malta?

6. Muk & Grimer – Paceville, after 2am 

Muk And Grimer

If you have ever been on a Paceville bender that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning, you will probably know that the filth and excrement littering the streets of Paceville provide an ideal habitat for Muk and Grimer.

7. Ghastly, Haunter & Gengar – Castille

Gastly Haunter And Gengar

Ah Castille, the nexus of Maltese politics. What better location would ghost Pokémon choose to haunt if not the one that is already haunted by the voices of politicians past!

8. Tentacool & Tentacruel – the Gozo-Malta fliegu

Tentacool And Tentacrual

Summer is in full swing in Malta, so expect a lot of boat parties and beachy afternoons. The Maltese waters between Gozo and Malta are already infested with thousands of jellyfish, so Tentacool and Tentacruel will fit right in. Maybe Michelle Muscat has already managed to dodge a few during her recent charity swim. 

9. Aerodactyl – Għar Dalam


This fossil Pokémon is supposedly extinct, so it is a much coveted find for any Maltese Trainer. Best head over to Għar Dalam and see if Aerodactyl is hiding amongst the fossilized remains of the animals that once called Malta home.

10. Drowzee & Hypno – Uno Village

Drowzee And Hypno

It is safe to say that most revelers heading over to Uno Village this summer will be in a sort of dazed stupor. So where else would the psychic Pokémon Drowzee and Hypno be found? Probably on the dancefloor with a Jaeger bomb…

11. Lickitung – Steam Club


Heh, Lickitung in Steam is a fair assumption.

12. Slowpoke & Slowbro – Gozo

Slowpoke And Slowbro

Any Maltese person knows that the only way to relax in our country is to hop on over to Gozo for a relaxed sojourn. The entire island leads a seemingly sluggish lifestyle, so Slowpokes and Slowbros will be very abundant

13. Jigglypuff – Any lejla Maltija this summer


No Maltese summer feast season is complete without the omnipresent Lejla Maltija. Jigglypuffs would definitely make a fitting addition to any entertainment lineup that generally boasts some of Malta’s best washed up Eurovision singers. 

14. Bellsprout – Grassyhopper


This Grass Pokémon is a decent addition to any Maltese Trainer’s arsenal. So head on over to Grassyhopper in Valletta, where you will surely find Bellsprout in one of their fresh vegan or vegetarian dishes

15. Legendary birds – Filfla, St. Paul’s Islands, and Fungus Rock


The three legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, are some of the most prized Pokémon to catch. Where else would they be hiding if not on these three protected islands in the Maltese archipelago?

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