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6 Amazing Gifts From This Maltese Store That Are Meant To Be For Kids But Are Actually Pretty Awesome For Adults Too

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Kids these days with their gadgets and technology and learning how to program at the age of six… ugh.

If you have a little genius in your life and want to bring them a little bit of STEAM for Christmas, Open Tinkers is the store for you. Located in St. Julian’s, close to the Carob Tree foodcourt, Open Tinkers is a one-stop shop for tinkers and makers of all ages. And although a large collection of their stock is technically aimed at children, we kind of want to get our hands on all of them.

I mean, we weren’t given coding lessons when we were in school, so why not give it a go now?

1. Creative Coder Kit

This kit connects to your computer and teaches you how to use a visual coding program to make the lights on the wearable mover react to your own movements.

You can then create your own games and gadgets, like real life lightsabers.

2. Conductive Paint

Paint that turns into a button. Yes. Paint. That turns into a button. That you can use to make a lamp, made of paper. And paint.

3. Programme Your Own Video Game

This kit basically teaches you how to create your own handheld video game, so you can play snake for five hours or make a little man dance.

4. Animation Software

Watch me use this software to direct and edit a feature length movie about how much I love chicken nuggets.

5. Binary Bots

Can I program a robot to make me chicken nuggets?

6. Makedo Upcyling Tools

These little nuts and bolts help you to connect pieces cardboard together so that you can upcylcle your left over packaging and turn it into cute pieces of art… like a monument to chicken nuggets or something.

Open Tinkers is currently open seven days a week, and you can find their opening times on their Facebook page.

Tag a friend who is obsessed with coding!

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