A Maltese Bitcoin Start-Up With Plans To Go To The Moon Just Installed Its First Two-Way ATM

Moon Zebra have a long term plan that's powered by Bitcoin


Malta's officially got its first 'safe and secure' two-way Bitcoin ATM after a local start-up, Moon Zebra, installed their first one in the Sliema offices of Zanzi Homes on Tuesday evening.

The company, which is made up of a team of four crypto specialists who focus on installing and maintaining crypto ATMs, are serious about getting Bitcoin into the mainstream, and want to speed up the process of local adoption.

"I think a blockchain island without a two-way Bitcoin ATM is not a real blockchain island," said Leon Siegmund from Moon Zebra a day after the successful ATM installation. In his vision, this ATM installation is just the first part in a much larger vision.

"At the moment we only run the Bitcoin ATM but the broader vision is, of course, to help people get onboard the new technology. With the ATM, it's a first step, making it easy to buy or sell cryptocurrencies," said Leon.

Eventually, the Maltese start-up envisions sending people to the moon

"We are also planning to offer moon safaris in 2021," says Leon. "Of course we will do this with partners since we don't employ our own space ships."

His belief in the technology to evolve is evident from the way he sees the future of currencies and his own technology.

"The ATM itself is just a transition and may become obsolete because the future is clearly contactless and solely about digital payments. Maybe we will keep some sort of cash for nostalgic or convenience reasons,' he wondered.

The ATM joins a growing number of Bitcoin-related services in Malta

Not only can you now deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin, but you can also trade cars, buy some of the fanciest food on the island, and even get your washed in Qormi with Bitcoin.

With more and more Maltese private businesses and start-ups adopting the blockchain technology, it's not too out of the imagination to believe Malta might be sending people to the moon in 2021 with Bitcoin. Malta just launched the world’s first-ever initial convertible coin offering (ICCO) - why not also be the first to get to the moon powered by blockchain?

What do you think of the new two-way ATM?

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