Vatican Creates Its Own Spin-Off Of Pokemon Go

Follow JC all the way to... your kitchen?

Vatican Go

Remember when Pokémon Go was a thing? Well the Vatican has released its own version of it, entitled ‘Follow JC Go’ and we’re not sure how we feel about it.

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The game is quite a 'cutesy' spin off from Pokemon Go. Though right now it's only available in Spanish, players will have to follow biblical figures and create their own evangelical team that then follows Jesus Christ. And they’ll join you if you answer some biblical questions.

Players have to keep watch on the saints and make sure they pray and attend mass frequently. So, basically, you become their dutrina teacher.

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The best part about the app allows you to donate to charity and get the in-game items with that donation; which we find a much more altruistic approach than all other mobile games.

So if you’re done with trying to find Jesus spiritually, you can head to the App Store or to Google Play and find the digital version of Jesus. They're all the same guy, right?

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