'Imagine Ninja Lecturing At MCAST': Maltese MEP Candidate Sees Esports As Malta's 'Next Big Industry'

'I haven't played Fortnite, though I have played Tekken since I was 18; I do enjoy Tekken a lot.'

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A Maltese PN MEP candidate has called for a larger focus on Esports and gaming in Malta, even going so far as to say that infamous Fortnite Twitch streamer Ninja should lecture on the island.

"I agree with the Prime Minister's statement with attracting big tournaments to Malta, but we must go much deeper. We must adapt education to produce tailor-made skills - imagine Ninja lecturing at MCAST, or Betsson as Head of IT at MCAST. This is how German industry conquered the world - by getting its industry onto college boards," said Peter Agius.

His comments come after a visit to local gamer parlour run by Gamers.com.mt, where he played games such as Counterstrike with other Maltese gamers

Agius does have his preferences when it comes to gaming

"My kids play Minecraft, though I am not a big fan, and I played Counterstrike at the parlour - though I got killed nine times in ten minutes," Agius told Lovin Malta. "I haven't played Fortnite, though I have played Tekken since I was 18; I do enjoy Tekken a lot."

When asked who his favourite Tekken character was, Agius responded: "The ladies."

Admitting he isn't a "real gamer", he urged other politicians to "get out of their bubble".

"I took a glimpse of your world and want to help to make your passion count more, make it easier for your passion to help you get a good job and help this country invest in its talent," he said of Maltese gamers.

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Do you think Malta should invest more in its gamers?

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