Is This The Farthest Spot From Which A Photo Of Valletta Has Ever Been Taken?

We see your aerial photos and raise you an International Space Station

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French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who works at the International Space Station and recently made the news for voting from space in last month's French election, has shared a stunning satellite photo of Valletta, crediting ESA and NASA. That's right, those two space agencies.

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Pesquet captioned the photo, which was taken on 4th May, with, "The capital of Malta with its magnificent fortress on steep coastal cliffs."

The 39 year-old Frenchman was selected as an ESA astronaut eight years ago back in May 2009, and is currently in the last stretch of a six-month mission to the International Space Station. He's amassed a total time of 12 hours and 32 minutes worth of spacewalking, which is equal parts terrifying and awesome.

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