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It’s Going To Be Really Hard To Get A PlayStation 5 In Malta This Year If You Haven’t Pre-Ordered

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The PlayStation 5 comes out in less than 10 days but Maltese gamers might have to wait until April before they get their hands on one.

We all knew that only a limited number of PS5’s will be available upon launch come 19th November with most stores taking just pre-orders for the time being. 

There was also some hope that casual gamers would get the gaming console by Christmas following news that Sony botched the preorder process resulting in more requests than actual available consoles.

But it turns out that the reality is far worse. 

According to several electronic stores across the island, those who aren’t lined up for the first batch (i.e. the majority of people) can expect to get their hands on a PS5 console by March/April 2021.

Lovin Malta reached out to some of the island’s leading electronic stores to inquire about the procurement of the next-generation gaming console. 

While some are still clinging onto hope that they would get a second batch by Christmas, others were already differing customers to March and April with backlogs of orders in the hundreds.

According to one electronic store, preorders tally over 400 and Sony has only provided them with a measly 30 consoles for launch.

Other stores are taking pre-order requests but not for any time this year. 

If you were banking on getting a PS5 this year, then think again because 2020 doesn’t want anything to do with it.

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