Maltese Bikers Could Soon Be Safer Thanks To This Award-Winning Local Startup

Fresh off winning a European Startup Competition

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Young Maltese startup INTACT has won the Best Company Award at this year's JA Europe Enterprise Challenge in Helsinki, and their idea could go a very long way towards helping motorcyclists, especially in the event of an accident. 

The concept behind INTACT, an early warning safety device for bikers, was praised by the European organisation's biggest movers and shakers, and even had the likes of Hitachi's Hans Daems praising the young startup's "passion and ambition."

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The INTACT system was devised to alert emergency contacts and relatives of a motorcyclist in the event of a traffic accident. Connecting a PCM component sensor attached to the helmet of the motorcyclist to a mobile phone application (along with sensor on the bike itself), the system instantly sends out alerts about the accident and its location. This will in turn reduce the time wasted until a call is made and help arrives on the scene, which in some cases can mean the difference between life and death.

INTACT, which was actually founded last October, is made up of five young students currently in their first year of studies at St. Martin's Institute for Higher Education. Since then, they participated in Malta's JAYE Start-Up Programme in May, eventually taking home the winning title and a €2,000 prize in seed capital sponsored by the Malta Communications Authority. It was in fact that victory which landed them the opportunity to present their concept in front of the European jury, competing against 19 other startup companies from 15 different European countries.

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