Maltese Crowdfunding Platform Celebrates Record Year For 2017

The company boasts a 90% success rate


2017 was a great year for Malta's only rewards-based crowdfunding platform Zaar, now celebrating its most successful year since its inception, with a 90% success rate across all its campaigns. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Zaar, the platform allows interested parties to secure funding for their projects with the help of online backers. In 2017 alone, 24 projects joined the Zaar movement, raising a total of €85,000 and attracting over 1,400 project backers. 

"We are thrilled with the results achieved in 2017," said Zaar manager Matthew Caruana. "It is exciting to know that [funded] projects will now be able to move onto their next stage of development as a result of crowdfunding on Zaar". 


"2018 is set to be another landmark year for Zaar as we work on bringing more projects than ever into fruition and to securing funding for them," added Mr Caruana. "We look forward to hearing from anyone out there with an exciting project idea, and to giving them the support they need to help get it funded."

Interested? Zaar is all set to helping you get into the crowdfunding game as easy as possible. Zaar Clinics was launched in 2017 to allow project starters to share crowdfunding tips and ideas as well as to be a space for entrepreneurs to meet and network. 

What's more, Zaar also launched its official guidebook, a easy-to-follow twenty-page guide for any potential campaigner with information on management at any step of the way. 


Interested in getting your project off the ground? Visit for more information!

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