Maltese Gaming Company Tops International Charts On Steam

Guns at the ready

Local gaming company Anvil Game Studios is getting a well-deserved a pat on the back after breaking through gaming platform Steam's PC Gaming charts to the Top Sellers list in its opening week.

With three Maltese full-time employees, the gaming company set to work on creating Holdfast: Nations At War, an online multiplayer first- and third-person shooter set during the Napoleonic War. 

The company describes the game as utilising a combination of teamwork and individual skill, with the option of playing on servers hosting up to 125 players at one go. 


At its helm, the team spent three-and-a-half years on the game's development, it being the first game developed since the company's inception in 2014, and were backed up by several freelancers from all over the world including the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, the United States, and Australia. 


Launched on 21st September 2017, Holdfast: Nations At War is the first such game helmed by Maltese developers and holds an 84% approval rating on gaming platform Steam; in fact, it's also been featured by several popular Twitch streamers including Lirik, Eli Thompson and Admiral Bulldog. 


For more information on the game, visit Anvil Gaming Studios' offical website. Holdfast: Nations At War is now available for download on Steam right here

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