OnePlus Customers Worldwide Are Reporting Credit Card Hacks, And Malta Is No Exception

Unauthorised payments are being found after people purchased from the Chinese company

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OnePlus have slowly built themselves up from an alternative mobile phone company to one of the current flagship smartphone makers. However, up to this day, buying one of the shiny new gadgets in many countries around the world - including Malta - is restricted to online purchases. Which is why news of credit cards being hacked connected to the company were even more devastating.

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Last weekend, weird reports began to surface after people had made recent purchases on OnePlus' website. Suddenly, unauthorised transactions were popping up on people's credit cards, with hundreds of affected users taking to Reddit and the OnePlus official forum to lament the suspicious activities. According to numerous reports, the first fraud attempts came within a year after customers used their credit card to purchase items from the manufacturer’s website.

Various theories were raised as to where the attacks were originating from, and while it didn't seem like the actual OnePlus site was breached, it did suggest that the weakest link might be the Magneto eCommerce platform. The platform, which has previously been hacked on several occasions, is often targeted by malicious actors.

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Unfortunately, as you'd expect from a global online phenomenon, it didn't take long for the whole thing to hit Malta. 

Local customers of the Chinese giants also reported similar questions, with tech programme Gadgets quoting some of the distressed Maltese people on their Facebook page.

In fact, Bank of Valletta has reportedly also been blocking a number of cards since the reported issue, with customers being given new credit cards after suspicious activities were noted. 

OnePlus has since released an official statement on the matter, where they said they'd be halting credit card payments on its site as a precaution. Here's the statement in full:

"This is a serious issue and we are investigating around the clock.

As a precaution, we are temporarily disabling credit card payments at
. PayPal is still available, and we are exploring alternative secure payment options with our service providers. 

Thank you all for the kind words and support."

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