Rising Cryptocurrency Company Ditches The US To Launch In Malta

Bitmora is the latest to announce their Mediterranean move


One of the most innovative new companies in cryptocurrency, Bitmora, has decided to ditch the USA and will be officially be launching the company from Malta in a couple of weeks. 

They join a stream of other companies such as OKEx, Tron, and BigONE that have relocated to Malta following cryptocurrency pioneer Binance's move a few months ago.

Bitmora's modern take on fees, internal security and transparency have caused a lot of interest in the young company. 

The company decided to choose Malta after finding it difficult to deal with US banks. Even though there have been issues with local banks, Malta is still building a reputation for being friendly towards cryptocurrency internationally. 

The move to Malta has forced Bitmora to push their launch date back after the company had planned to launch soon. The company will now launch on the 26th of May. 

More and more cryptocurrency companies are seeing Malta as the next crypto paradise, as the government continues to lay out plans to regulate blockchain in Malta with the Virtual Currency Bill, among other bills.

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