Someone Just Went And Took The Absolute Best Photo Of Mount Etna Erupting From Malta

We're looking at it and we still can't believe our eyes

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Apparent apocalypse via tsunami aside, Mount Etna is a spectacular sight to behold. Unfortunately, even though Sicily is less than 200 kilometres away from Malta, it's not like you're going to be spotting the Mediterranean volcano from your bedroom window on a daily basis. Well, one Maltese photographer has just challenged all of that and taken the absolute best photo of Mount Etna from our island... recent eruption and all.

After hunting for the perfect photo for around two months, Ben Borg Cardona headed to Siġġiewi early this morning and finally captured the money shot

For a high resolution version of the whole thing, click here

"I've been to this spot about 20 times, for about two months ever since Etna started to erupt last year, waiting for the right conditions," Ben Borg Cardona of Pineapple Media told Lovin Malta. "It's one of the highest and furthest away points, and that's why you can see most of Malta underneath the shot. I captured this image today at sunrise".

The impressive photo - which shows everything from Siġġiewi's Laferla Cross and the Mosta Rotunda to Magħtab and the Naxxar Parish Church - features a prominent Mount Etna, towering above the Sicilian outline in the background, with smoke still billowing forth.

It turns out that the insanely detailed photo is actually made up of about 200 separate images

Screenshot 2019 01 08 At 16 19 39
Screenshot 2019 01 08 At 16 19 49
Screenshot 2019 01 08 At 16 19 57

"The hundreds of images were put together in post-production," Ben told Lovin Malta. "It's a composite, super high resolution photo which I haven't found a way to proper upload yet because of its maximum potential." And it doesn't take long to realise the level of detail involved; you can easily make out the snow on Etna, wind turbines and the comparably greener Sicilian landscape.

For the gearheads in the room, the photo was shot on a Sony camera with a Canon 540mm lens.

"This is part of a long-term project which I'm going to be announcing very soon," Ben finished, teasing more mega photos that we can't wait to check out.

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