Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, Just Blew The Crowd Away At His Debut Speech In Malta

The tech wizard was in Malta as part of GIG's 5-year anniversary

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Malta’s iGaming industry has officially reached a level: the Steve Wozniak level. The legendary programmer and Apple co-founder was interviewed by GIG CEO Robin Reed at Gaming Innovation Group's (GIG) annual 'GIGster Connect' event to over 1,000 assorted local and foreign employees, as well as hundreds of local students.

He emerged to a packed room at the Eden Arena with the crowd going wild to the one and only Woz. The tech wiz covered a ton of topics, from the founding of Apple to blockchain technology to Segways. 

But more than anything, the man had a treasure trove of great lessons to give to budding programmers and techies. 

1. "My goal wasn’t to make the most amount of money. My goal was to make the best computers"

The Woz started of by saying he "never wanted to seek wealth, I just knew I was good at hardware and software and loved doing it," and that passion and interest led him to wealth anyway.

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2. "Malta is very smart with its positioning on Bitcoin"

While he was a bit of skeptical when he had first heard about it, but then he bought some Bitcoin himself. That said, he admitted it's hard to use Bitcoin in everyday life, he isn't an investor, and he advised against investing Bitcoin.

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3. "Ethereum is more interesting to me because its a platform. Apple II was a platform"

He was much more interested in the blockchain technology underlying Ethereum, and he said that the current state Ethereum is in reminded him of the internet in its earliest days.

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4. "Always use fewer parts"

Wozniak said his personal mantra was "always use fewer parts. He said he believes that one of the main reasons Apple was so successful was due to his ability to use the fewest parts in any mechanism he created. Always go for less complicated, and not more.

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5. "I dreamt that there was colour on the computer screen"

While working at the video game company Atari, he dreamt of the coloured computer. After "four days and nights without sleep", the image of a coloured computer screen popped into his head. It was "just a digital number" but it was all it took to change the industry.

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6. Don’t be afraid to break rules

When he needed to get something, he didn’t let anything stand in his way - including, apparently, locked doors.

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and GIG CEO Robin Reed

7. Honesty is the most important thing when it comes to ethics

For Woz, nothing is more important than being ethical, and being honest. Also said it's important to be positive.

He said that if your car gets scratched, don't get mad - "your car has character now." He also said he has found a formula for happiness: H = S - F, which translates to Happiness = Smiles minus Frowns. 

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8. Be ready to sacrifice for your passion

He recounted a story when as a young programmer, he had his eyes on a particular processor. When his dad told him the processor he wanted ‘costs as much as a house’, he said he’d live in an apartment. 

When he wanted something, he was ready to sacrifice for it. 

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9. Don’t believe the movies - or the big companies

As someone whose had an "inaccurate" big budget film written about his young adult life founding Apple with Steve Jobs, Wozniak would be the first to tell you that not everything you see on the screen is legit. 

And neither is everything the big companies believe: “I proposed the personal computer to some of the biggest computer companies - and they turned me down for the first five times. 

"The big computer companies just didn't see the value in the personal computer," he said.

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10. “Finding a good compromise is a major part of my life"

Always looking for a solution is part and parcel of the Woz Way, and it should be a part of yours as well. Be constructive, not destructive. 

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11. "You need talent - but you also need inspiration"

Talent isn't everything - motivation is the real key. Wozniak said you should have working prototypes before you try to raise money, and you should be ready to start a company before you've made any money. 

The important thing is you need to be thinking "this technology is going to change people's lives and I'm bringing a good thing into the world."


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