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Massive Swedish YouTuber Is Relocating To Malta

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Popular Swedish Youtuber and video game streamer Anomaly yesterday announced that he will be moving from his homeland of Sweden to Malta, for “a culture change and a climate change.” And don’t worry, he is bringing his beloved ‘Papa’ with him.

Anomaly has made a name for himself online with his loud and funny streams of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as his over-the-top reactions to both virtual and real life situations. His father has also become a little bit of a meme in his own right.

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Papa getting ready for travel

Anomaly explained on a video on his channel that his parents have always wanted to live in a place with better weather, at least better than the Swedish weather. They wanted something more tropical, and he explained that in Sweden the sun “is basically a myth”.

Fortunately, he found out a friend of his was selling an apartment in Malta, fully furnished, at a good price. After coming over to check out the country, they soon after made the decision and bought the place. 

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Apart from the weather, Anomaly mentioned a few other issues for their move. One was the tax situation, with Malta’s taxes being much more attractive than Sweden’s. Another was the fact that Sweden was not supportive of virtual trading.

Anomaly is planning on moving his family and his stream to Malta around mid-November to early December. He has promised that there will be no difference to his streams, apart from the possibility of there being more “sunlight in the streams now.”

While saying that he would return to Sweden for LAN parties, he ended his video with the fact that once he moves to Malta, he will become “the biggest Youtuber in Malta”, with 1.9 million subscribers.

Are you a fan of Anomaly’s streams? Who is your favourite Youtuber? Let us know in the comments below!

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