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This Ingenious Maltese App Will Keep You Safe At The Beach

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If you’ve always been wary about leaving your belongings alone while you swim, get ready for a game changer. After a year and a half of development, Maltese startup Paddly has finally landed, and the idea behind it is as simple as it is brilliant.

Paddly is offering electronic lockers that synch to your phone and even allow you to keep your devices charging while you lock them up. 

It all starts with downloading the Paddy app for iOs or Android and registering for an account. Then you top up your account with credit and choose a location. The system will ask for your date of birth and a four-digit password. 

And that’s it; whenever you need to access a locker, you type in your DOB and password into a keypad on the lockers, and the locker magically opens. A timer on the app starts as soon as the locker opens and you’ll be charged per hour for using the locker.

In their own words, it’s as easy as Tap, Chlick, Chill. 

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Paddly is made up of six 28-year-old graduates hoping to make it big time, and things are definitely looking up for the Maltese startup.  

“The whole thing started with the wish to make local beaches safe after I was personally a subject of beach theft,” co-founder and director Roberto Tweraser said. “We initially aimed to launch our product on public beaches, but we are still in discussions with the Malta Tourism Authority.”

For now, however, you’ll still see Paddly at some of Malta’s popular beach clubs. As of today, the hi-tech locker system can be used at the Cafe’ Del Mar, and by the end of the month, it’ll also be available at Medasia Playa, Surfside and Kuya Beach Club among others.

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The Paddly even have an awesome technological component. Three compartment sizes are available depending on what you need, and each locker comes with a USB port to not only keep your electronic devices safe, but also charge them while they wait for you to come back! Genius.

“The system makes it ideal for places like the Sliema front,” Roberto continued. “Joggers who only carry their phones, keys and headphones with them can simply book a locker through the app and jump for a quick refreshing swim after a long hot run, and just pay for that hour.”

Here’s hoping we see more of Paddly in the future!

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