This Website Will Show You Exactly How Small Malta Is

In case anyone needed a reality check...

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If you've ever travelled abroad you've endured an endless array of comments, jokes and jabs about the size of Malta. Not surprising really, considering we are absolutely tiny.

But "The True Size Of" is a website designed entirely to put things into perspective - and the miniscule nature of our island really shines through with this wonderful tidbit of technology. At least we can put the "London is six times bigger than Malta" cliche to bed.

1. Malta vs Panama


2. Malta vs London

And it's only like 2.5 times bigger


3. Malta vs Iceland

Same population, very different landmass (and football scores).


4. Malta vs Tajikistan

I bet most people couldn't find it on a map, and yet they're hundreds of times bigger than us.


5. Malta vs Monaco

Ha! Suck it Monaco.

Malta Monoca

6. Malta vs Russia

Aaaand we're back to the shame.


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Chucky Bartolo

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