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Wait, Who’s Enes?! Malta’s University Student Council’s Official Instagram Is Hacked As Random Selfies And Bio Appear

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If you happen to find yourself on the official Instagram account of Malta’s university student council and find it weird that there are zero uploads and a random bio written in Turkish, you’re not seeing things; KSU has been hacked.

Two days ago, KSU took to Facebook to announce that its Instagram account had been hacked, saying they are “currently working to solve the issue”.

By the time this had happened, however, the damage had already been done, with the official and verified Instagrm account showing a completely different bio, profile picture and zero posts.

Elaborating further on the hack, popular student app and Instagram account FreeHour said that before the content purge, KSU’s feed was filled up with six selfies of a bearded man which were eventually deleted.

The page’s new name – Enes – was followed up with a suggestive photo of what looks like legs in fishnet tights and ENES scribbled on skin against red lighting.

The text in the bio, which remains at the time of writing, reads menajerlik işleri… Turkish for “manager jobs”.

“We wish the best of luck to KSU in retrieving their account – having had our account randomly deactivated before, we understand how frustrating the process of losing your account can be,” FreeHour continued.

While hoping KSU manages to get to the bottom of this puzzling and problematic issue, the question remains; who the hell is Enes?!

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