WATCH: Lovin Malta Featured On Maltese TV Giant's Technology Spotlight

Look ma, we're on TV

The team behind Gadgets, one of Malta's most-loved TV shows, has teamed up with Lovin Malta's Chucky Bartolo in a hilarious, yet informative, clash of worlds. 

The show, which won Best Lifestyle Program at this year's Malta TV awards, highlights all the latest gadgets and technologies, where to buy them locally and how well suited for Malta they are.

And what was Lovin Malta's role in all this? A spotlight on the ultimate blogger's desk, of course.

Chucky Cover

If Chucky doesn't mention Mariah Carey, was he even really there?

Presented with a desk of amazing gadgets worth approximately €6,000, Chucky gingerly gave a tour of all the items, how they're used in the world of online publications and a brief layman's instructions on how to use them.

The gadgets shown are: desk and chair from BoConcept, bluetooth speaker and headphones from Beoplay, Lenovo 510 laptio, a Gorilla Pod tripod from the Gekkopodstore, a Rhode USB mic, a mirror-less, compact Canon camera from Avantech, a Canon Pixama printer and a curved, ASUS gaming monitor. 


There were a few gaffes along the way, and Mariah Carey made an appearance or seven (obviously). The segment will also be aired on TVM tonight at 6:15pm.

In the meantime, check out some exclusive, behind the scenes madness.

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