9 Ways Autocorrect Is The Maltese Language's Number One Enemy

'Tgħid immorru ngħumu Azkaban wara x-xogħol?'

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Autocorrect is really a double-edged sword on the best of days, especially when you're in a rush. Throw Maltese into the mix and you're treading into uncharted, grammatically incorrect and potentially inflammatory territory.

We need a working version of autocorrect to cater to the Maltese language ASAP, and possibly help us avoid any more embarrassments when texting.

1. Qbajjar = Azkaban

We may or may not have been slightly offended by this. Sure, Qbajjar is beneath you, but a fictional prison is totally fine...?

2. Selmun = Salmon

We'll give you this one, autocorrect.

3. Tas-Sliema = YAS Sliema

Not sure if the inbuilt dictionary is just broadening its vocabulary or silently throwing shade for overuse of the word 'yas'.

4. jew = Jew

Say it with me autocorrect: They're. Not. The. Same. Thing.

5. Mela = meal

Mela is everything. Do not deny us our mela.

6. l**a = Lisa


7. Għawdex = Gandhi

I see what you did there. Kinda. No, hang on, I don't.

8. Ramla l-Ħamra = Rampage James

If anyone needed a ridiculous name for an indie band, look no further.

9. Floriana = Gloriana

Not even mad at this one.

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