What 'Member Berries' Would Say If They Were Maltese

Member Blue Pain Relief guy?

Member Cover

South Park's 20th season is drawing to an end (tragic, we know), and we can all agree it's been an epic one. There have been some hilarious moments but nothing has brought us as much joy as the Member Berries.

These little talking purple berries serve as reminders of times gone by (if you didn't watch the show, see the video below). We couldn't resist reimagining what these Member Berries would say if they were Maltese. 

Member Denfil?


Member when pastizzi were just irkotta and pizelli?

Member when marriage was for life?


Member when Paceville had nightclubs not stripclubs? 

Gentlemen Club Malta

Member Coconut Grove?

Coconut New

Member when Ira Losco looked like this?


Member when Malta had a beautiful skyline?

Malta Skyline

Member Blue Pain Relief?


Member when Joseph Muscat had a goatie?

Jm Goatee

Member yellow buses?

Yellow Bus

Member when rush hour was just an hour?


Member Ipokriti?

Screen Shot 2016 09 25 At 12 27 54 Pm

Member when Claudette Buttigieg was Claudette Pace?

Member when chocolate and toothpaste were the country's biggest concerns?

Images 1

Member Panama?

Konrad Mizzi Dzl Zl 1262

Member when everyone in Malta was Maltese?


Member Norman Lowell?

Member summer?

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