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When You See It: AI Is Now Creating Trippy Optical Illusions, Because Of Course It Is

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As if AI wasn’t already getting uncannily good at fooling certain people into thinking its creations were actual photos, it’s now also fooling our eyes with optical illusions.

First appearing last week on Twitter (or X, if you’re so inclined), a number of images started showing up with innocent-enough looking images that contained hidden messages.

The idea behind the images is simple enough: squint your eyes, make the image smaller or move further away from it, and you’ll end up seeing a previously unseen phrase.


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And whether it’s a woman spelling out the Bitcoin logo, the “Send Nudes” meme as a bunch of cats or the one and only Rick Roll, people were getting fooled left, right and centre.

One of the first users to start manipulating the images and sharing the trippy results (and even helpful step-by-step process) was Kadu Wallauer (kaduwall on X), with some of his posts eventually getting tens of thousands of views.

What do you make of these AI optical illusions? Sound off in the comments below and tag someone who needs to check them out!

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