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The 8 Stages Of Being Woken Up By Construction In Malta

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Being pulled out of your sweet slumber by vibrations and sounds of nearby construction is practically part of life in Malta. There’s worksites everywhere all over the island, and, most probably, there’s one near your place of residence.

You are vulnerable when the drilling begins. You might even be naked. No coffee or chance to wake up – it’s just you against the machinery now.

1. Did you hear something?

You’re awake, but why are you awake? You feel like you heard something… you lay in bed, listening… But you hear nothing. 

2. You definitely heard something

No. God no. This isn’t my time Lord. 

3. Pillow power

Every pillow you have plus a hoodie are piled onto your ear passages in a vain attempt to drown out the incessant drilling from the bounds of hell. This pile of soft, cushiony fabric is your main defence now.

Dissatisfied Lady Covering Ears With Pillow In Bed 1262 6084

4. Use your own voice to compete

You consider drowning out the noise with your own screams until you remember you’re only a human being and can’t compete with the vibrations created by heavy machinery. 

5. Consider calling the police 

This is practically human abuse, no? Don’t I fundamentally have the right to a good sleep as a human being in an EU member state?

6. Wish you had bought ear plugs

You had seen them that one time but you didn’t pick them up. And if you did, you definitely don’t know where they are now.


Pictured: Not you

7. Give up

You knew you didn’t have much control over your life, but the point’s really been driven home today.

8. Pass out due to tiredness

It’s been a struggle. Enjoy your 30 minutes of solace until the workers are back from their pastizzi break. 

What do you do when you’re woken up by construction?

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