The 9 Types Of Commenters On Lovin Malta's Posts

A year of amazing banter

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Lovin Malta celebrates its one year anniversary today, and what better way to enjoy it than with all of you who've made this whole adventure so much more fun.

Interacting with our audience is one of our favourite things to do, so here are the official categories of commenters on our page.

1. The Raisas

Constantly on the prowl for our latest piece of sponsored content, the Raisas quite enjoy the funnier lists, but hate the capitalistic wheels of change that grease our writer's palms with wads of cash. They know their Malta trivia well, but still feel a bit removed from it all, giving them a unique perspective on the bourgeois takeover of classic Maltese traditions.



2. The Ash CBs 

Summarised best with one simple phrase "stop doing politics". 

Threatening to unlike every time we post something against their political party of choice, these commenters love to remind us that we shouldn't get into politics (despite so many people who like our non-partisan views). Some Ash CBs are also just sick of the amount of politics that dominates Malta's media scene and were just hoping for a few happy listicles to get them through the day.


3. The Tikkas

Sometimes also called the Natasias, these readers are always among the first to like an article. They never really comment, but their appreciation for our content is real - and we love all our Tikkas.


4. The Mary Borgs

Fake accounts that hover around our comments section to instantly like any sort of critique we receive; a quick trip to their personal page reveals they only share posts from one particular page. We're not saying they're fake accounts... but they're fake accounts.


5. The Antoines

The true definition of tl;dr (even for the people who moderate our comments). Slightly older than our usual crowd, these commenters like to spread the wealth of knowledge they've picked up over the years to the younger generations in very long paragraphs.

The Antoines are also fans of the page and it's awesome to see the older generations take a shining to our stupid GIFs and cheeky banter.


6. The Stjanus

The Stjanus are known by one simple hashtag: #YouForgot. If there's a list of "7 Hottest Pop Singers Making It In Malta", expect a "YOU FORGOT MARY ROSE MALLIA".

Still, Stjanus make our days a little brighter with fun, quirky or downright shamefully-left-out suggestions for future listicles.


7. The Patrick Fountains

The number one cause of article-ceptions, the Patrick Fountains often generate well-thought-out and interesting critiques in the comments. Usually the comment will be arguing against what we've posted, but there's nothing more exciting than a clever debate.


8. The Shirleys

These sweet older ladies probably have a flower as their profile picture and are so polite in everything they say, even when it is tearing down a progressive post or a new development. Their love for Malta is only rivaled by their need to point out the tiny flaws they see to make it slightly better.



9. The David Grech Urpanis

Starting their Lovin lives as haters, these converts eventually realised that not everything popular is a scourge on the Earth. Sure, they're not about to attend a front-row screening of the Eurovision, but you will occasionally catch them humming along to the latest Ira Losco track.


So... which one are you?

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Written By

Chucky Bartolo

If there's no Mariah Carey GIF or reference to Eurovision in this article, just assume they've been edited out against my will.