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The Official Social Media Guide For Maltese Middle-Aged People

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Younger generations may have an edge when it comes to social media since they grew up with it, but people over the age of 30 should have an edge when it comes to knowing what you should or shouldn’t post online. Since this isn’t exactly the case, we thought we’d run a crash-course on social media etiquette aimed at middle-aged Maltese people. Here’s what you need to know.

1. ‘Minion memes’ are out

They were so cute in 2009, but it’s time to lay them to rest. What makes them super creepy is using then for ‘adult only’ humour. No viagra joke needs the help of a Minions’ graphic.

2. Punctuation is in

Whether you prefer to go without (and end up with an essay-like paragraph without a single comma) or enjoy going over the top (no status needs to end with ‘…..!!!!!!!!’) it’s time to realise that punctuation applies online.

3. Ambiguous sad statuses are also out 

These were a thing back when Facebook first started, but it’s time to stop vague-booking. If you’re going to write: “I’m so sad, today is just not my day” you rescind the right to type “don’t ask me about it”. 

4. As are ambiguous ‘compliment mines’

Everyone knows you wrote “People can be so rude about looks sometimes…” just to get the comments saying “ohhh no you look so good…!!!!!!!”.

5. Facebook isn’t there to ‘test’ your friends

“I bet no one will share this post but…” Then why are you sharing it? It’s not there to test your friends and chain letter should really have died a long time ago.

6. Duck face is not a thing anymore

Please stop. It was never really cute, but at least it was a fun and ‘quirky’ fad… back in 2014. We’ve all moved on now, and you really should too. 

7. There’s no need to show every step of your day

Facebook is a wonderful way to share the moments that made your day special… but your plate of pasta with pesto from a jar or the blurry shot of a a half-squashed flower you took with your camera’s new ‘macro’ feature shouldn’t make the cut.

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