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The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Motorbike In Malta

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If you’re thinking of getting a bike in Malta, you need to realise that this can be as awesome as it is… well, less awesome.

Beyond the mental pro and con list that you’ve definitely already come up with, here’s our list of why you should get a bike if you’ve been thinking about it, or why you need to properly reconsider if you’ve jumped into getting one.

Pro 1

It’s Cool

No matter what anybody says, riding a bike is cool.

The posture, the helmet and the sound that the motorbike makes are all scientifically proven to improve your cool points by at least 10.

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Con 1

No real space

Yeah, you’re pretty much not going to be able to do your grocery shopping with a motorbike.

The limited space can be annoying if you ever need to carry more things that would fit in a small bag, or pick up more than one person.

And you might think that will make you look like a cool lone wolf, but it will also make you look like that one impractical person of the group.


Pro 2

Avoiding traffic

Can you image anything better than something that saves you from one of the worst things you have to face on a daily basis?

Imagine not having to leave an hour and a half early to get to work on time and just zipping past fuming drivers.

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Con 2

Rainy days

Well, you’re going to get wet. And that’s just the beginning.

Unfortunately, driving in the rain is going to be uncomfortable, and also potentially very dangerous. Fortunately, rain in Malta is not that common.


Pro 3


Sliema mummies and daddies, pay attention.

No longer will the plague of parking haunt you. With almost everywhere on the island impossible to park, having a motorbike and sneaking into a tiny space sounds incredible.

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Con 3

Dealing with Maltese drivers

Oh, and what a headache this is going to be.

If you didn’t know, Maltese drivers are not equipped to deal with people on motorbikes. This is easily noticeable when a motorbike tries to overtake, only to find themselves entering a mini Formula 1 race with the driver of the car who feels like his pride is will be ripped apart by the overtaking attempt.

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Pro 4

The thrill of it all

Apart from making you look cool, driving a bike is also an extremely thrilling experience.

Going fast with a bike is very different to going fast with a car. Heck, you don’t even have to go that fast to experience a much more intense thrill than if you were sitting down in your enclosed, slow car.

Ducati Motorcycle Animated Gif 2

Con 4

It’s dangerous

The real dealbreaker.

The dangers of riding a motorbike are no secret. Almost everyone knows someone who has gotten hurt riding one. With only a helmet to protect you in an accident, it’s definitely not the safest mode of transportation. And when you add Malta’s roads and traffic “etiquette” in the mix, you’d better be prepared for what may lie ahead.


Would you ever consider getting a bike? Let us know below!

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