The Spirit Of Malta Captured In 12 Gorgeous Instagram Shots

Did yours get featured?


Lovin Malta is a big fan of Instagram. Everything from food to scenery, architecture to pets; anything that shows off the natural beauty of our little island home is an amazing place for us. So as we trawl through the #lovinmalta every day we find more and more gorgeous shots to feature. Here are some of our favorite Instagram pics throughout July.

1. That time we saw a mermaid on our way to work

2. This windswept shot of the Red Tower

3. High definition snack time

4. Not the Azure Window

5. A heartfelt moment

6. An incredible sunset over the marina

7. And Gozo at twilight

8. Mysterious woodland creatures

9. An indigo and violet sky

10. The balconies of Valletta 

11. Wied il-Ghasri's winding waterway

12. And one final shot of our gorgeous sea

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