The Top 7 #LovinKarnival Costumes

Ladies and gents, we have a winner

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Carnival is the best time to let your creativity run wild, and drink way too much booze wearing said creativity. Following our hunt for the best costume on #LovinKarnival here are our top seven outfits.

7. The art and the artist, Frida Kahlo

While there were many Kahlos running about, the extra effort to carry a frame with you every where you go elevates the whole look.

6. The real(ish) Slim Shady 

Artist and model Kelsey May Conner took the classic gender-swap look to a new level with this Eminem inspired look.

5. The baddest good boy to sail the seven seas

We're willing to bet you don't really understand how ruff it is to be a pirate - well in case you were curious, here you go. Meet dread pirate Harvey.

4. The banana boys

The costumes may not have been overly inventive, but the box they hauled about with them was a perfect remodel of a fruit crate - so props for that.

3. The tetris crew

Coordinating outfits and mentally prepping to bump into literally everything and everyone at Nadur takes skill. Plus, bonus points for the nostalgia.

2. The viral sensation

You have a pen, you have an apple... apple pen! You also claim second place for this adorable couple's costume.

And the winner is...

1. The satirical excessiveness

These boys could have stopped at their perfectly constructed mini-float, but the overalls and tools were so extra it was perfect. They can stand inside, and outside their shell and still rock it.

Congrats @miffidbest, you're our winner! Please get in touch with us to claim your prize.

The competition is over, but there's always time to show off some more; keep your costumes coming on #LovinKarnival

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