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There’s Actually A Petition To Get Owen Leuellen To The Eurovision Song Contest

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They chanted LEU-EL-EN at every opportunity, they started conspiracy theories about why Michela won, and now Owen’s fans have launched a petition to get him to Tel Aviv. Because let’s be honest, that’s what everyone wants anyway.

After last night’s X Factor Malta final result, a petition has been making the rounds calling for Owen Leuellen to join winner Michela Pace at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv this May. Probably in an attempt to brighten up whatever song she’ll be singing, and give it a bit of an edge. Just like he did with his mentor Ira Losco’s ‘Hey Now’ last night.

Michela and Owen both made it to the ‘Super Sing-Off’ last night, the final round in the competition, and in the end Michela was crowned champion. The winner was decided through public voting, and although we do not know how big the gap was in numbers, that means that the public generally preferred Michela to Owen.

Of course, whenever there is a winner, there’s also a loser

Although I wouldn’t really call second place losing! That means that several Owen fans were disappointed to see their favourite not receive the recognition they believe he deserved. The petition going round calls for Owen to join Michela at the ESC, a sentiment previously expressed by many, including our very own Chucky on the X Banter.

The petition has reached over 1,000 signatures from people who want Malta’s entry to the ESC to be the ‘current’ song required “in order to succeed’. This idea definitely has some more following after last night’s epic duet with Ira.

The petition may be gaining some clout, but it is unclear as to what the producers think of it – and indeed if the rules will allow for it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you make of the petition?

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