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11 Ideas For A First Date In Malta

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When you wanna be alone with the stars

1. Torri l-aħmar – Mellieħa

Beautiful by day, hauntingly spectacular at night. This location is a great place to park and just talk about life, stare up at the stars, or down at the killer view of Mellieħa all lit up.

2. Top of the world – Għargħur

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more central than the Red Tower, Top of the World has all the star-gazing potential you need. Pro tip: avoid it on the weekends or your cute date will turn into a bunch of three-point-turns as you try to leave the over-crowded area.

Here’s 6 other places you can go to stargaze.


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When you’re up for something a little different

3. Drive from Baħar iċ-Ċaghaq to Ċirkewwa

There’s nothing quite like the open road, and although we lack anything highway-adjacent in Malta, the smooth(ish) ride along the coast road, and the drive past all the bays in Mellieħa is extremely memorable, if you take the time to look around.

Go the extra mile and prepare a special playlist to show you’ve thought this through, and to really add the cherry (or flake) on top, pick up two Tony’s soft ice-creams before you set off.

When you’re meeting a foreigner

4. Fontanella – Mdina

Views, milkshakes and cake, do we really need to say any more?

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5. Irrera – Ta Xbiex

A bit less fancy than Fontanella, but the view of Valletta more than makes up for it. You might want to consider it as a cute pit-stop for coffee on your walk along the promenade. 

When you’re up for adventure

6. Hike to Imġiebaħ Bay

Your car will only get you so far (unless your idea of romance is trying to get your wheels out of the mud), the rest of the way is up to you! The walk is totally worth it though, the beach itself is almost always quiet.

7. Or find your way to Għadira ta’ San Raflu, Kerċem Gozo

This is the epitome of all adventurous excursions – but those views will earn you so many brownie points. There’s little to no chance your date would have ever visited the location before, and even if they have, it’s kinda hard to get bored of it.

San Raflu


When you just wanna be in our capital 

8. Hit up all the coffee shops 

There’s plenty of amazing cafes all around Valletta that are just waiting to impress you and your date! You can check out our list here!

9. Take a stroll in Hastings garden

It’s honestly much larger than you’d think, and there’s plenty of places to sit, chill and enjoy the view.

When you just want to eat out

10. There’s no shortage of good restaurants

Whether you’re looking for places to snap the perfect pic, or somewhere down south, in the mood for Thai food, or are simply looking for good value – we’ve got you covered.

When you want nature do all the talking

11. Seriously just let the sunsets do the work

There are a few known locations (like Riviera beach) that are synonymous with beautiful sunsets, but here are nine other places you might consider going to. Just pack a picnic bag, a blanket and a bottle of wine and you’re set!

And once the sun is down, you have all the privacy (and darkness) you could ever hope for!

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