11 Reasons You Absolutely Have To Visit Valletta's St. Paul's Street

Home to the Lovin Malta headquarters and the best pizza on the island

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Valletta has three streets attracting most of its visitors: Republic Street, at the centre of it all, Merchant Street, which has developed into a foodie's paradise, and Strait Street, which is fast becoming Malta's new nightlife mecca. But there's another street worth checking out, especially if you're visiting during the day: St Paul's Street. We should know, we work here

St Paul's Street is home to iconic buildings like Castille and Strickland House as well as perfectly preserved old haberdasheries and trades shops. But it's also got some other amazing hidden gems that could keep you busy all day. Here are just 11 of them.

1. La Vecchia Taranto


Thick doughy crust and tasty AF toppings, La Vecchia Taranto is the Beyoncé of the Maltese pizzeria world (and this is not a statement we make lightly). 


2. Barber King


Run by Noel, a barber extraordinaire and the king of the street in both service and smile.


3. Mint Sparrow 

Vintage Boutique 

Erm, hello cuteness. This corner boutique is jam packed full of pretty little things you'll want to take home.


4. Old Time Curiosities 


Fancy a tarot card reading in your lunch hour? Well, this too is possible on St. Paul's Street!


5. L-Arka

Fair Trade Shop 

Eco warriors unite, and snack in style. It's all about shopping with a conscience. 

L Arka

6. George Zammit 

Spice Shop

George's little hole in the wall has been spicing up St. Paul's Street since way back in 1850.


7. Dolceria Micallef


No fuss, no frills - just good coffee and delicious homemade food. 

Dolce Jpg

8. Daisy Daisy

Treasure Trove 

It would appear Aladdin has relocated to St. Paul's!


9. Decorama

Decor Consultancy & Supplier 

Where every design dream comes true.


10. Cafe Dimitri


The perfect place to watch the world go by, perched on one of their adorable stools.


11. Kir Royal


Top-to-toe style for men who know fashion.


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Kira Drury