13 Reasons Why Malta Is The Best Place For A Bachelor's Party

Nothing can compare to a Malta stag

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At least half of us only get married once, so occasions like getting engaged, having a wedding, and going on honeymoon are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We spend countless hours making sure these celebratory moments are perfect. 

But there is an occasion which reigns supreme in terms of momentous life-episodes – the closing off of one's single life until... well, death basically. Hen and Stag dos are a big deal, and Malta respects the sanctity of a bunch of friends doing crazy shit to celebrate them.

Here's why we think our humble islands are the best place for a bachelor party.

1. Whatever your plans, the weather will cooperate

Even if you want to make the experience as uncomfortable as possible for the groom-to-be, you want your own conditions to be chilled AF. Malta's supreme weather will guarantee that. 

2. We drink beer like water

And we dare you to find anyone who doesn't like our local brand – Cisk.  

3. Also alcohol is super cheap

And there are tonnes of awesome speciality drinking holes, like gin and whiskey bars, that'll make you and your boys look like total bosses on Instagram.

4. Flights are really well-priced

We have tonnes of low-cost airline routes, and there's always some low-season sale waiting to be grabbed by eager, party-hungry guys. 

5. And there are some awesome places to rent

Airbnb quality has really sky-rocketed in Malta, and you can get some amazing deals on typical local farmhouses with pools, barbecue areas, and generally a great Mediterranean feel. Tip: check out Malta's sister island Gozo if you're looking for more of a chilled-out, farmhouse-fun bachelor time.

6. Our clubbing scene is awesome

Whether it's Paceville, Buġibba, or solitary parties organised by our epic local promoters – there's a clubbing option for every and any bachelor's party type. Paceville is basically Europe's Khao San Road. But beyond all the cheesy gentlemen's clubs there are a couple of actually decent bars, pubs and nightclubs around and they're all in the same couple of streets. Bar-hopping there is perfect if your friends are all picky and easily bored. Nightclubs are also all free entry.

4. As are our festivals

From one-day festivals like Isle of MTV, or epic weekend festivals like Annie Mac, Malta's music events guarantee one drunken mess of a good time. 

7. If it's the old school gentlemen's experience you're after...

You can choose from a night in one of our casinos, or an afternoon of grooming at Antonio's Barber Shop. With the latter, you can drink premium whiskeys and have a round of billiards while you all get top-notch haircuts or facial hair styling. 

8. The beaches are insane

And all those boyish rock-jumping activities are perfectly catered for.

9. And we have all the water sports required

You can jet-ski/surf/wake-board yourselves into bachelor utopia.

10. Also awesome land activities 

Paintball, archery, arrow tag, zip-lining, zorbing, rock-climbing, abseiling. You name it, we've got it. 

11. Everyone is super friendly

Chances are you'll pick up around ten new Maltese bachelors to join in the fun while you're here.

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12. There's all the comfort food you could possibly need

From top-notch kebab joints, to our local guilty pleasure – pastizzi.

13. You'll pick up some crazy swear words along the way

Just speak to literally any Maltese person for five minutes and you'll be launched into Maltese Swearing 101. And you won't be sorry for it. 

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Tag your bachelor-party-planning friends and start organising your Maltese stag do now!

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