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14 Songs To Belt Out From Malta’s Balconies During Quarantine

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Quarantine has made millions all around the world resort to everything from crafts to board games in a desperate attempt to pass the time, but as with most things in life, music has managed to reign supreme.

We’ve all seen videos of people standing outside their balconies – or cautiously peering from behind window blinds – singing local classics to pass the time and keep their community’s spirits high. But if Malta is to follow in the world’s footsteps (because, let’s face it, we always do), then what would be the songs making it to our balcony playlists?

Here are 14 songs we’re probably going to be hearing being belted out around the islands in the coming days (weeks? months??). And yes, that’s one song for every day spent in quarantine. You’re welcome.

1. Winter Moods – Marigold

No matter what you think of Marigold – or Winter Moods in general – you need to accept the fact that this will probably be many people’s first go-to local tracks.

With more YouTube views than there are people living on the island (literally, I just checked, it’s currently on 680,000) and a singalong chorus for the ages, Marigold is a no-brainer for an occasion like this.

And hey, don’t worry; the irony of that “Take my hand” refrain isn’t lost on me.

2. Anything by Gigi D’Agostino

Let’s face it; Malta should’ve just given Gigi a passport and honorary citizenship by now.

The artist of choice for any party, mass meeting or gathering of two or more people who’ve had one too many, Gigi just deserves a place on this list.

Have your pick; I was going to mention the obvious L’Amour Toujours, but I think it’s gonna have to be Bla Bla Bla. Imagine hearing a whole nation shouting gibberish at each other. Beautiful.

3. Eiffel 65 – Blue

Like peanut butter and ħamallu jelly, you can’t have a Gigi sing-along without this other Italian banger.

I’ll have both, thank you very much.

4. Daniel Kingswell – Ġbajt Fil-Quarantine

A brand new entry but a devilishly simple one to learn and sing along to, this is easily the most timely track on here.

Plus it’s Maltese, so it definitely makes the list.

5. Claudette Pace – Desire

In dark times, the best thing to do is to either look back at better times, or look forward to when it all blows over. Well, why not do both?

A summer bop from a time when the only virus worth panicking about was the Y2K bug. Bilfors hux.

6. Destiny – All Of My Love

In the spirit of Eurovision (and to give this year’s fallen track the airtime it deserves), this could be the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Destiny and belt out this soulful bop. Results may vary.


7. Ira Losco – 7th Wonder

I shouldn’t even need to write anything here. This one’s a given and should always be one.

Besides, how much are you willing to pay to watch and hear a bunch of nannas sing “Is he magical, logical, natural wonder, he’s got the makings of my seventh wonder”? Because I’d be willing to pay a lot.

8. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

Another Maltese party classic and a reminder of better days, this would go down a treat in apartment blocks around St. Julian’s on a Saturday night as a DIY replacement of a long Paceville bender out of the 00s.

Maybe let’s all just shout “U x’ala biebna minn kulħadd mit-Tnejn sal-Ħadd” instead and miss out on the cussing? All the kids are stuck at home too after all!

9. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Let me explain.

A track this popular, long and full of different sections – not to mention duet potentials – is perfect fodder for an initiative like this.

Besides, that film was all anyone in Malta spoke about for all of 2018. Well, that and A Star Is Born.

Which reminds me…

10. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow

You’ve watched the film (twice).

You’ve heard Michela Pace absolutely slay it on X Factor (twice, too).

Why not have a go at trying to pull it off yourself?

And let’s be real for a second; how amazing would it be if you’d be slowly trying to sing the Bradley Cooper part on your roof, and your neighbour (you know, the silent macho one with the two pitbulls) suddenly joins in singing Gaga’s high notes? You just cannot put a price on that, my friend.

11. The Tramps – Inti Djamant

Back to some beloved locals, this one goes out straight to our brethren on the sister isle.

Gozo needs a rooftop singing session too, and we’re willing to bet this would make it.

If all else fails, Michela Pace could always go up to her roof and kill it one more time.

12. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

It looks like football worldwide has been cancelled indefinitely, so you can understand why a lot of sports fans would be very irritated right now, especially with most leagues being so tantalisingly close to the end and the 2020 Euros just on the now-gone horizon.

So give them one to remember and take out Ol’ Faithful one more time… and see how many people actually know any words to the Stripes’ classic that aren’t “popoppoopopopoo”.

13. The National Anthem

Speaking of nations, the song which will almost definitely make it way before all of these is Malta’s actual national anthem, just because.

Not my first banger of choice (mostly because it really isn’t a banger through any stretch of the imagination), but still deserving of a place on the list.

Min jaħkimha? Virus hi bħalissa.

14. The Tamps – Xemx

The real Maltese national anthem, there’s usually no escaping this track wherever you go.

Now if we’re all staying indoors and weddings are being cancelled, balconies, windows and rooftops will have to do for this 1975 classic’s new stage.

BONUS: Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

I’m joking.

If you hear someone singing this and making the current tough time even tougher, call the authorities on them.

Which song do you think will make it first to Malta’s streets?

Featured Image Original Photo by Michaela Loheit

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