21 Reasons Why A Gozo Weekend Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Do not delay

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Gozo? But it's not Santa Marija or carnival... I won't have to spend hours queuing to run into every single Maltese person I know on a momentary basis. Gozo!

Here's just some of the reasons why you need to be there next weekend for a some downtime.

1. Like we said – no ferry queues

2. You'll get to see the latest attraction

3. And Marsalforn is cute AF anyway

4. Not to mention its stunning neighbour, Qbajjar

5. You'll have Ramla Bay to yourself

6. Or San Blas if you're game for a steep trek

7. You can catch a glorious sunset

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8. Or just remind yourself what open space feels like

9. And how beautiful Nadur actually is

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10. Cittadella awaits...

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11. As does Maxokk

12. As does Tmun

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13. Your Instagram feed just needs it

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14. And winter walks don't compare

15. You just won't find these secret spots anywhere else

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16. Nor this other-worldly landscape

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17. Seriously

18. We could be here a while...

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19. And don't forget those cute village details

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20. Throw in some Ta' Pinu for good measure

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21. And finish it off with your annual Dwejra pic

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