30,000 Candles Will Brighten Up Gozo's Cittadella At This Weekend's Stunning Festival Of Lights

If the previous years are anything to go by, it's going to be magical AF!

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Remember the final scene of Romeo + Juliet (the movie with Leo Dicaprio) where they're both in the church surrounded by hundreds of candles and how stunning it was? Well imagine that setting, times 1,000 (apart from the dying).

This year's festival of lights is back in all its beautiful glory on Saturday 16th March. Walk the historical narrow street's of Cittadella from 6pm and marvel at approximately 30,000 lit candles splattered across this medieval city.

And if the previous years are anything to go by... it's going to be magical AF!

But that's not all; there'll be plenty of activities, live entertainment and discounts.

Foodies will be able to eat from the numerous food stalls serving Maltese as well as International cuisine (with Indian being guaranteed).

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Gozo by candlelight, we're in!

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