30,000 LEDs And Storeys-Tall Christmas Trees: Birżebbuġa's Breaking Another National Record This Weekend

The beloved 'Dancing Christmas Trees' will also be making a comeback this year

Birzebbuga Christmas Trees Malta 2018

It might be known as Malta's Miami in summer (just go with it), but Birżebbuġa's turning into the island's very own Lapland by the end of the month.

For the third consecutive year, the southern town is set on breaking another national record

In 2016, Birżebbuġa broke the record for the tallest Christmas tree, which had risen to seven storeys.

In 2017, enthusiasts erected 24 Christmas trees, with 6.8 kilometres of lights and 68,000 bulbs resulting in a beautiful troupe of 'Dancing Christmas Trees'.

Now, the giant structure and massive number of synchronised lights has returned for a third year, and they've really managed to take it up a notch.

The popular Milied fil-Pjazza will be returning to Birżebbuġa's square this weekend, where another Christmas tree record is set to be broken

This year, a 15-metre tall, six-metre wide mega tree will take over the square for the rest of the month ahead of the big day. A behemoth metal construction, the Christmas tree is entirely mechanised and will also be turning on the spot.

The main star of the show has 24,000 synchronised LED bulbs, along with six more trees.

Every tree behind the massive one gradually decreases in size, and along with the large arches connecting each one, some 30,000 LED bulbs will be creating the insanely gorgeous light effects.

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The grand Milied fil-Pjazza display - along with the official breaking of the Maltese record for the biggest mechanised Christmas tree with synchronised lighting - will happen twice this December.

The first will be this Saturday 8th December from 5pm to 11pm, while the second will be all day long the following day on Sunday (9am to 8pm).

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