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50 Things You Need To Add To Your Bucket List In Malta

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Ever since Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made being terminally ill the most powerful bonding activity in their 2007 flick – The Bucket List, people all around the world have been composing their own set of aspirational life-goals. 

Well if you’re short on time and can’t be bothered to make you own list, fret not. You too can be a part of this things-to-do-before-I-die marathon thanks to this, our Ultimate Malta Bucket List.

We’ve listed 50 things you NEED to be doing this year in Malta. Here goes.

1. Make a virtual bouquet of Malta’s indigenous flowers/shrubs by taking pictures of them and posting on social media

2. Dive into the big hole at Aħrax tal-Mellieħa 

3. Learn a Maltese poem by heart 

4. Learn how to make bizilla

5. Cycle from the northernmost end of the island to the southern tip

Giphy 2

The Big Hole – Aħrax tal-Mellieħa

6. Swim at Mistra Bay on the first day of spring

7. Collect snails and prepare a bowl of traditional Maltese bebbux

8. Find out your whole family lineage (shouldn’t be too hard, just ask nanna)

9. Trek down to Mġiebaħ Bay for a swim with your dog

10. Take that iconic Dwejra photo… without the window #tragic

Malta Selmun Imgiebah Bay Beach

Mġiebaħ Bay

11. Watch sunset from the Red Tower (or any of these other sunset destinations)

12. Trek down to Fomm Ir-Riħ for a picnic

13. Swim all around Comino’s perimeter

14. Write an email to an old teacher who changed your life

15. Go kayaking in Gozo

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 15 23 30

Form Ir-Riħ

16. Go swimming in Slug’s Bay at dawn

17. Finally visit the Mdina Dungeons

18. Have a Kinnie-based cocktail party

19. Visit the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum 

20. Have afternoon tea at Palazzo Parisio

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 15 31 10

Palazzo Parisio

21. Go to the top floor of the Portomaso tower

22. Bake your own loaf of Maltese bread

23. Dive into the other big hole – in Dwejra

24. Attend your own village feast

25. Make qaqoċċ mimli


The Other Big Hole –Dwejra

26. Hike around Malta without going home for breaks (i.e. there will be camping involved)

27. Visit an agritourism farm in Gozo 

28. Swim from Balluta to Exiles

29. Play a game of boċċi in a traditional club

30. Eat a ħobża at Seaview Cafe, Mellieħa

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 15 44 32

Gozo cheese

31. Organise a fenkata for all your cousins

32. Fart in the Barrakka Lift

33. Eat all the Sunshine Snacks in one sitting

34. Organise a local wine-tasting night (as in, with only Maltese wine)

35. Swim in the smaller hole at Delimara

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 15 40 49

Barrakka Lift

36. Get your diving license (Malta’s the best place for it)

37. Make home-made pastizzi

38. Pick a village you’ve never visited and walk around it

39. Find a place that still serves tea in a glass (te fit-tazza) and go there for tea

40. Go swimming at Ġnejna Bay at dusk

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 16 13 43

Ġnejna Bay

41. Go and watch an opera in Gozo

42. Take part in a protest about a local issue 

43. Buy a work of art from a local artist

44. Visit Għadira’s nature reserve

45. Make some home-made bigilla for your next dinner party

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 15 50 33

Għadira Nature reserve. Photo: Aron Tanti

46. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend whose parents your mum doesn’t know

47. Brew your own local craft beer

48. Visit Għar Dalam and take a cave selfie

49. Buy ten postcards from villages in Malta and send to ten friends abroad

50. Shake hands with the President

Screen Shot 2017 01 02 At 15 56 11

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

What’s on your Malta bucket list? Tell us in the comments. Let’s make this the most epic list in history!

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