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6 Board Games That Are Perfect For Maltese People

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Okay so apparently it’s going to be really cold this weekend. What gave it away? Only the six billion news posts on our feed about how cold it’s going to be this weekend. 

One way to fight the frost is to have a bunch of friends over to play board games – because we all know how spirited the Maltese competitive streak can be. To help you choose the game that’s best for you and your mates, we’ve picked the six most Maltese-friendly games we can think of.

1. Taboo

Because practically everything is taboo to talk about in Malta and we’ve been practicing ‘not saying the wrong thing’ since infancy. We’re pretty much Olympian-Taboo-ists.

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2. Articulate

All those hours of forming epic, tl;dr posts on Facebook about every, single, pitiful excuse of an issue that happens on the islands should have by now made us great articulators. 

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3. Monopoly

Because every second person on the island is a real estate agent anyway.

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4. Cluedo

We’re so used to trying to suss out who did what, with whom, and where in our every day lives, figuring it out in a game is small potatoes for us.

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6. Guess Who

Have you ever had a conversation with your nanna where she’s trying to tell you who she met while she was shopping but she can’t actually remember their name? That mind-numbingly annoying conversation is basically what Guess Who is. 

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What other games are perfect for Maltese people? Tell us in the comments section!

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