6 Heavenly Hotel Rooms In Malta Boasting Amazing Private Jacuzzis

Time to take self-pampering to the max

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We love a good jacuzzi session. There's nothing more relaxing than soaking in a luxurious tub being massaged with bubbles.

Many hotels have jacuzzi facilities but only a few selection have an actual private jacuzzi either inside the room or in the room's outdoor terrace... and here are some of our favourite from around Malta.

1. Hugo's Boutique Hotel, St Julian's

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Hugo's Boutique Hotel have a nice selection of hotel rooms and luxury suites boasting private jacuzzis whether indoor or outdoor.

2. Quaint Hotel, Gozo (various locations)

Quaint in Nadur has a stunning penthouse with a private jacuzzi on the terrace perfect for romance-seeking couples.

All their other hotels also have a range of suites and penthouses with private indoor jacuzzis. We especially like the look of room nine, a Superior Suite in their Xewkija outlet.

3. Blanc, Sliema

Suite Three has a super modern sunken jacuzzi bath boasting a lovely view.

4. The Duke Boutique Hotel, Gozo

Pick from a small selection of gorgeous jacuzzi terrace suites, each having a terrace with views of Victoria’s skyline.

5. Merchant Suites, Valletta

The Harbour Suite is a penthouse on the fifth floor. It has a majestic private terrace fitted with a personal hot-water, open-air Jacuzzi.

6. Westin Dragonara, St Julian's

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The Dragonara Suite boasts a large decked outdoor terrace with an outdoor heated jacuzzi. Ultimate relaxation guaranteed.

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