6 Places You Probably Didn't Really Know Existed In Malta

There's two Dwejras?

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Malta is often described as a hidden gem itself, but there are some parts of the country that only a lucky few know about. You might think that you know every inch and corner of the island, but can you say you've visited these five under-the-radar locations?

1. Dwejra, Malta

One of the highest elevated areas in Malta, with views of the West of Malta to the East, and people will still ask "Wait, you mean the one in Gozo, ux". With the Victoria lines running through it, scattered tunnels leading to WW2 shelters and stores, and one of the most peaceful areas in Malta, it's no surprise that this is the preferred secluded hang-out spot for everyone from Toni Abela to Norman Lowell. 

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2. Mtaħleb, Dingli

This place is great for three things: over-the-cliff fishing, beautiful sunrises, and all night long raves. You haven't experienced a Maltese summer sunrise until you've partied all night on a sheer cliff face in near total darkness until the rising sun explodes in front of you.

It's also a pretty nice place to walk a dog or something.


3. Top Of The World, Għargħur

The standard location for couples to elope to for a night, this central yet secluded spot is the place to go to for a great view of an empty quarry, Magħteb, or Burmarrad. You can also see the sea from Għargħur, which is a little but impressive, but not that much. 

4. Water Tanks, Rinella

Malta has some of the largest and deepest water tanks for filming in the world. Filmmakers from all over come to Malta to take advantage of our "innovative" tax schemes and the massive water tanks with a natural sea horizon, and films like Troy and Captain Phillips made great use of these tanks. 

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5. The P29, Cirkewwa

An East German minesweeper called Boltenhagen, scuttled just of the coast of Cirkewwa, now swarming with squid, flying gurnards and rays: 'tis a beautiful thing. The P29 has an incredibly interesting history, and for the last decade this has been one of Malta's premiere dive sites. 

Yet, most Maltese people have probably sailed right over it without even realising it. 


6. Jesus Tree, Mdina

This is one of the weirder things in Malta. A tree that looks like Jesus on the cross can be found in the outskirts of Mdina. It is said to have been struck by lightning years ago, and contorted into the shape of Jesus, confirming Malta as God's favourite island in the world.

Jesus Tree

Do you know of some hidden gems in Malta? Places that only you know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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