6 Ways You Can Celebrate Valentine's In Malta Early This Weekend

Feel the love all week long

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This year Valentine's day happens to be a Tuesday, which means all your romantic plans are gonna have to happen over the weekend. Here are seven different things you can do get a head start on those Valentine's plans this year.

1. Have Sunday lunch with a Spanish flair

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Sure, you can take them out to lunch any other day, but how often can you can add a touch of Spanish charm? End your evening with a chocolate corner a complimentary Spa discount voucher, and this one quickly becomes a no-brainer.

2. Go to a dance for a good cause

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If you'd like to put a smile on more than just your significant other's face, this Thursday you can kick off Valentine's Day a week in advance by attending a buffet and dance at the Maritim Antoine Hotel. 

3. Escape to Gozo for a round of Arrow Tag

If you're one of those adventurous couples, get ready to receive a condensed shot of adrenaline and improve communication and cooperation while you kick everyone's ass. This one promises to be a bonding session the likes of which dinner can't realistically achieve. 

4. Buckle up and ride Malta's fastest zipline together

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If shooting arrows at people doesn't offer up enough adrenaline, then head to Miġra l-Ferħa this Sunday afternoon for a 150 metre zipline over the Mediterranean Sea. This will get your heart pumping ready for the actual Valentine's Day. 

5. You can't go wrong with a romantic dinner and jazz

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If you're a little bit old fashioned with your romancing but still want to give this year a bit of an extra touch of class, The Jazz Cave will be hosting a weekend of good food and great music thanks to special jazz guests that are guaranteed to warm your heart. 

6. Up your sex game with some tantric yoga

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Open Hearts in Sliema will be hosting a workshop this Sunday about tantric yoga, which blends cosmic meditation with sexuality. If you've been meaning to give your bedroom antics a divine upgrade, then look no further.

BONUS: Be a love grinch and go to an Anti-Valentine's party

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"Roses are red, violets are blue, we're boycotting Valentine's day, and so should you!"

That should give you all the information you need about Insite Malta's University party this Saturday at The Anvil Pub. If you're fed up of the annual ritual or just want to come off as a tad more ironic this year, a couple of pints and a cocktail are the the best way to see this Valentine's weekend off. 

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