7 Amazing Documentaries About Malta You Should Watch Right Now

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Not everyone enjoys actively seeking out information or reading, sometimes you just feel like plopping down in your living room and watch a great documentary.

Sadly, Malta isn’t very regularly covered when it comes to educational stuff, but fear not. We’re here to satisfy your documentary craving and learn a bunch of cool facts about our islands in the process.

Here are seven documentaries about Malta you definitely need to watch.

1. Let the Stones Speak

This visually enthralling documentary is based on Francis Xavier Aloisio’s book Islands of Dream: The Temples of Malta.

It explores the possibility of Malta’s link to Atlantis. Whether or not you believe in this theory, this documentary is a must-watch for anyone who is into history and beautiful visuals.

It provides extensive information about our prehistoric temples, so even if you’re not into the Atlantis theory, you can still learn a lot about our amazing heritage.

2. Fishers Of Men

This harrowing documentary tells the story of the European migration crisis. It might be a super shocking eye-opener for some. But a must watch for those who would like to gain an insight in the struggle that people go through for as better life.

Watching Fishers of Men will definitely help you appreciate the life we all take for granted.

3. Filfla

If you loved Planet Earth or Blue Planet, but missed the Malta element in it, please, please, please, watch Filfla. This enchanting documentary explores the lovely island’s underwater habitat and the importance of its protection.

It unravels the mysteries of a magical place which we relatively know nothing about. If you feel like getting high and crying over the beauty our land has to offer, immerse yourself in the beauty of Filfla.

4. Comino: A Secret Paradise

Another short documentary you should watch if you’re into nature. This incredibly captivating 30 minute documentary explores Comino and its natural wonders in the most enthralling way ever.

It’s an overdose of beauty and enchantment which will make you appreciate and hone the natural and untouched sides of our amazing islands.

5. The Battle for Malta

Obviously, we weren’t going to write a list on documentaries about Malta without including a war entry.

This BBC documentary is a bit older than the rest, but it’s an educational one which will keep your eyes glued to the screen until it’s done.

It speaks about the hardships Malta went through during the war, and the resilient spirit it had throughout the whole ordeal.

6. Kannizzati Fishing

This ethereal documentary has won Best Documentary and Best Trailer awards at the 2018 New York Film Awards.

It explores the journey of Maltese fishermen as they take on the oftentimes dangerous mission of catching lampuki. It delves into local fish markets and gives out a totally new perspective on fishermen’s lives on the island. A must watch if you want to learn something completely new about our islands.

7. Malta: Nurse of the Mediterranean

Another BBC entry revolving around our island’s role during the war. It has a different take than the previous entry however, as it explores how our island was Europe’s personal hospital during the time.

BONUS: Kwartakollox

This isn’t really a documentary, fine, but it’s so good it cannot not be mentioned here.

We were introduced to Kwartakollox recently and have been hooked on it ever since. This gem isn’t in production anymore, but the topics are super relevant and extremely satisfying to consume.

Each episode is 15 minutes in length so you can choose to either watch it in breaks or binge watch it insatiably, like we did.

In just 15 minutes, this eye-opener explores poignant subjects in the form of a healthy discussion between four young people. Peppered with short interviews, visual clips and shocking facts this is an invaluable watch. Politics, economics, history and national identity are among the many subjects discussed.

Please bring Kwartakollox back. We implore you.

Did we miss out on any great documentaries about Malta? Leave us a comment below and tag someone who needs to check this list out!

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Chiara Micallef