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7 Amazing Spots To Avoid Teens and Millennials In Malta

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If you’re a few years shy of the Millennial train and every digital age child that followed, you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a good place to hang out. Like flies on a horse manure, they’re literally everywhere.

Not to worry though, we’ve compiled the ultimate list to avoid the generation that invented dabbing, and that godforsaken Kiki challenge while enjoying a night out.

1. Bridge Bar

Bridge Bar in Valletta is one of those places which has a mixed audience of all ages. They host jazz nights on Fridays, but if that’s not your piece of cake you can always attend on other nights. Their food is delish and the view is ethereal.

2. Kingsway

If you feel like having a drink in a snazzy Valletta bar, Kingsway is the place to be. This luxurious bar is situated in the heart of Valletta and is a go-to for those who favour aesthetics.

3. Incognito Bar

Incognito Bar is one of those places which are always chockfull of people. This bar has been around since the 70s and is well known for throwing parties for a more mature audience.

4. Strait Street

Strait Street will never fail you when it comes to finding a good place to hang out. The infamous Gut has been undergoing a major makeover over the past few years, making it a favourite among many people from all ages.

If you’re lucky you might find live music, but rest assured that you will always be well entertained by great food and delicious drinks.

5. Get acquainted on Facebook groups

There’s a number of groups on Facebooks which organise events regularly. There’s Ten08 which regularly host concerts and other events.

For those of you who love the 80’s and really want to dance, there’s also other groups which host regular events such as Reflex.

6. Look for specific stuff you really like

Sometimes certain events are a bit niche. Say, if you’re really into jazz you need to get acquainted with groups which regularly host such events, such as Offbeat.

There’s also some groups which specialise for different genres and styles, you could follow pages such as Rock’n Malta and Omega Events.

7. New 31 Bar

This bar in Lija is for those who enjoy having some appetisers and a lot to drink. They often show football matches, so it’s a good place for a boys’ night out. They regularly organise foodie nights and have a mean choice of drinks you will surely love.

Have we missed out on any cool places? Leave us a comment below

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