7 Events This Weekend To Get Your Mind Off Malta's General Election

God knows we need a break

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The five weeks leading up to Malta's snap general election are finally coming to a close, and while it's been the shortest campaign period in recent history, it's also been the most intense.

If you need a break from it all, especially during the weekend when it's all set to end anyway, here are some events to help you do just that.

Thursday 1st June - Sunday 4th June: 

The Earth Garden festival in Ta' Qali.

Originally an essentially hippie festival which evolved into so much more, Earth Garden has always been a massive Maltese music festival with peace and unity. And while fans of the festival were a bit disappointed when the general election was announced for bang in the middle of Earth Garden weekend, we think it couldn't have come at a better time.

Thursday kicked off with a faux mass meeting by local satirical legends Xtruppaw, so it's set to be a long and fun weekend. Check out the full lineup here.

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Friday 2nd June: 

A quirky performance in Valletta

Berlin-based Australian electronic music duo Ducks! are in Malta for a four-week residency of whimsical musical experimentation at the capital's independent project space Blitz. This Friday, they'll be putting up a performance at the Royal British Legion in Valletta, where they said they'd be "sharing old favourites and new creations" with the attendees. 

Earlier this week, they composed an awesome impromptu song exclusively made up of the sounds of Valletta's streets, and they promised to play the full version during their Friday performance.

A night walk around the beautiful Grand Harbour

Malta is beautiful this time of year, and the Grand Harbour is one of the most stunning places on the island. If you want to make the most of a beautiful June night, a trekking group of friends is organising a two-hour walk starting near the Kalkara Parish Church.

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Saturday 3rd June:

Sweat out all the political pressures with an insane obstacle course

The Grid is coming back to haunt Pembroke on election day, and if you want to make sure politics isn't on your mind this Saturday, choose one tough motherfucker of an obstacle course instead. 

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Relive the good old days with a 90s party

We were waiting for someone to make the "back when everything from music to politics was more straightforward" comment on the event page, but it seems like this will end up being a great opportunity for everyone to put political allegiances behind them and dance the night away to some good old retro tunes.

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Watch the UEFA Champions League Final

The original reason this Saturday was a long-awaited day before the snap general election was ever announced. Juventus face Real Madrid in Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, so you're probably going to have to spend the whole night deciphering the meaning behind every celebratory car horn.

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BONUS: Sunday 4th June: 

Stay in and draw the blinds

If you really don't want anything to do with politics, your best bet to avoiding it throughout Sunday (during which the results will slowly start trickling out) is to shut your doors, draw the blinds, and stay in for the rest of the day. You might also want to switch off any device that's even remotely connected to the internet.

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