7 Reasons Every Maltese Person Should Get Netflix Right Now

Your life WILL change


We're actually quite shocked whenever we meet someone who doesn't already subscribe to Netflix. The site is an absolute life-game-changer. If you were waiting for your moment to be convinced to get Netflix, it's here. By no small measure will you be thankful that you heeded our advice on this one.

Here are all the reasons why.

1. Downloading is so passé 

For a number of reasons. Chiefly – it's not legal. 

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2. Netflix is cheap AF

Look – you'll get a free one-month trial, and after that it's only a monthly fee of €7.99 for a basic service, €9.99 for a standard service, and €11.99 for premium content. Do you know what else you can buy yourself with €12 that will give you that much pleasure? Around 50 pastizzi. But they'll also give you heart disease. 

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3. It will eradicate all symptoms of FOMO

You remember when being left out of a plan used to give you palpitations and instant panic attacks? Those days will be long gone once you sign your friendship-forever pact with Netflix. There's a risk you'll never meet your actual friends again... but, well – it's a trade-off.

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4. It's a haven for documentary-addicts

If all you want to do is bury yourself in a foggy haze of non-fiction and only emerge once you've become an expert on a random cultural practice, in some remote sub-community, that doesn't even exist anymore – then Netflix is perfect for you. 

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5. Also great for science-fiction fans

Or any sub-genre you're into – Netflix really caters for niche tastes. There's loads of epic sci-fi material, super LGBT+ stuff, a healthy dose of horror, and a fine selection for kids. You name it, they've got it.

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6. The Netflix original shows are incredible

Even if you're still unconvinced by their collection of films and TV series, there are zero questions about the quality of their own shows. Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, Narcos – these, and tonnes more original hit shows, are yours for the binge-watching.

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7. You'll probably save money

You are going to spend way more nights indoors than you ever did before. So get ready to save a bucket load of cash you would have otherwise spent on petrol, drinks, a new outfit, a hair appointment, food, the inevitable ċitazzjoni... etc.


BONUS: You can take it wherever you go

You can also get Netflix on your phone, so if you've got Wifi and the constitution to ignore your friends while they try to hang out with you – then you can enjoy all the Netflix thrills, whenever and wherever. 

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Tag a friend you've been bugging to get Netflix!

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